If you are going to take 6 months between posts, you had better come back STRONG!!

A little Sophie Lu {LOVE} ought to get the job done!



We really did make it home. I promise. ;)

I am LOOOOONG overdue for an update post. I am going to split it into two posts, because I never even shared an airport party post with you. And I don't want to skip over that. Cause friends, that right there is good stuff.

Let me go back a bit to our last few days in China. I know it appeared as though we kind of fell of the face of the earth. My apologies. 

I blame it on Lolipop COMA.  

'Nuff Said. 

Our last couple days we were in China, I came down with some bronchitis action. Whatupwitdat? Not cool.  Normally not a huge deal, just power through it and keep on keepin' on.  But with our little Kai man, we gotta change the game plan a bit. Even a small cold for our little man can be really hard on his heart.  

So we had to do our very best to make sure I didn't "share the love" with our little peeps. 

Enter SUPER-GRANDMA to save the day!

Did I mention my mom ROCKS?  
Thank you JESUS that he saw to it that she would be on this trip with me. He just KNEW I would need her. That they would need her!  

Honestly, it is making me tear up thinking about it as I type. 

Bottom Line... I needed my Mommy. 

My mom stepped in and took over caring for our little nuts for a couple of days. I napped. Got up and hydrated. Medicated, then passed out again. 

And she LOVED on our littles, and took care of me at the same time. 


As best as we tried to contain the nastiness, unfortunately Kai came down with a severe case of bronchitis for the last couple of days. 
He got a SUPER HIGH fever that we could not contain. 
 and he became lethargic, and would pass out several times.
Wouldn't eat. Wouldn't drink. Got severely dehydrated and 
wouldn't take any of his antibiotics the doctor gave him.

I'm not gonna lie. It scared the stink out of us.  

Thank you Jesus that there was a clinic in the hotel where he could be seen by doctors.  
They were able to admit him and give him an IV to hydrate him and to get antibiotics to his system. 
He was also able to go on oxygen to help his little heart and get his blood oxygen level back up out of the scary range. 

And let me tell you, Sophie Lu was a ROCK STAR.  Taking care of him. Waiting so patiently while we cared for him. Rubbing his back. Trying to give him snacks. 
She just KNEW he needed her. And that we needed to focus on him. 

Oh, how I LOVE that little NUT!!

So little guy spent his last day in China in the clinic. 
Feeling just rotten. 
Well that's a lovely howdoyoudo.

We were supposed to leave for the airport at 4am the next morning, and we really weren't sure we were going to be able to make the trip. 

And then it broke. 
That rotten old fever FINALLY broke!
At 11 pm the night before we were supposed to leave. 
The little guy turned the corner. 

And little man smiled again for the first time in days. 

And Sophie danced. 

And this mama, and her mama(better known as super gram-mama),  had a big ol' happy cry. 
And I don't think we stopped hugging him until we got home. 
And happy dancing. 
And stuffing our faces with chocolate. 
Wonder how we pulled that off? 
Maybe while one of us squeezed the little guy, the other one squeezed on Sophie, and while we all happy danced,  maybe Sophie was in charge of unwrapping and distributing the chocolate? 
Not sure how it all went down.
 Its all a blur. Will have to ask Soph. 

oh, man.  

Jesus was in the house!!!

So we caught our car to the airport, and made it to our plane on time. 

I will spare you the details of the 15 hour flight, with two exhausted toddlers, and a plane full of peeps who are probably still wishing they had spent the extra change to invest in the noise canceling headphones.  
Let's just say they won't make that mistake twice. 

Last thing I will say about this, but  I think it warrants mentioning again. 
My mom is a ROCKSTAR!

Kai wanted to be carried during the flight. 
 Not be held and sit on her lap, watching a movie or taking a nap. Or playing a game. Or eating a snack. Or reading a book. Or drawing a picture. 
And not carried on your hip, upright. 
But carried horizontal like a big Gigantic baby. 

Did I mention my mom is tiny and Kai probably weighs twice her size. 

So what did Super-Grandma do?
She carried little man pretty much the WHOLE flight. 
Sometimes while he cried. 
Sometimes while he slept. 
Sometimes while he snacked
Sometimes while she cried... and snacked, and slept. 

Super-Grandma carried her little buddy for the 15 hour flight after caring for me and the two kids for two long weeks. 

the end. 

I heart my mommy. 
And let me tell you, Kai and Sophie will forever have a special bond with Super-Grammy. 
What a blessing she is to us all. 

You didn't really come here to hear me yammer on.  
I know you want the airport pics.

I will warn you that we don't have a ton. 
The airport party was a bit more low key than past airport parties. 
Given Kai's last couple of days in China we had to tone down the whole event. 
We just wanted to get our little nuts home. 

So no family photo.   You have been warned. :)

Let's start the party with these two ROCK STARS, aka. SUPER GRANDPA and SUPER DAD!!  Look at these NUTS!!!  
LOVE these guys!

Grandpa holds down their home and their business while Super- Grandma jets off to China for 2 weeks!
That Super-Gramps is good peeps. He happens to also be Kai's namesake. :) 
(alright if I call you super-gramps? doesn't seem right. I'm thinkin' I'll stick with SUPER GRANDPA!)

And SUPER DAD!  Who else do you know who can take care of 8 kiddos, and the house, and all the school stuff, and work stuff, and keep everyone happy and healthy, and having so much fun that they won't miss mommy too much. 
Oh, and SMILE his way through it, because he feels BLESSED to be able to?

That guy on the right. aka. SUPER HUBS, aka. SUPER DAD!
Again, Thank you Jesus for that one. :)


And check out this gang...

Our peeps. :)

My sweet little Neice. And check out my SIL... love the anticipation on her face. 
My peeps love my peeps. 

Our peeps  Watching...

and waiting...

And waiting...And waiting.....
And looking SO STINKIN' cute holding Welcome Home signs, while waiting!!

We've been spotted!

And the "ATTACK". :)

Kai couldn't believe he had SO MANY peeps. 

My beautiful sister and her ADORABLE little nephew!

Best Buds Already!!!

                                 Awwww, sweet little mama.  Daddy is LOVIN' his little LuLu-Bug!!

And we are FINALLY Home...

Right where WE Belong!

Again.... THANK YOU , JESUS!!


To: Mrs H's Class From: Kai and Sophie Lu

Dear Mrs. H's class,

We LOVED the picture from you.  
Made us smile BIG!

                                                    Kai wants to thank you with a funny face.

                                                   Sophie and beary Bear  waving to you all.

                                                                    Thank you, friends.
                                                                      Kai and Sophie Lu

Guangzhou Zoo Day and Shamian Island

Before we headed off to get our TB tests read, we started with a little breakfast... and some tooth pickin'.

Almost all the locals pick their teeth at the table. This is clearly something Sophie has seen before. We hand her a tooth pick, and she takes care of business. 

After TB results, off to the zoo. 

Since we only had one stroller, Sophie got to be our walking guide. A job she took very seriously. 

This way, please.

                                            Over here. Watch your step, and please try to keep up.

                                                                       Next stop, Pandas.

                               Kai loved him some Panda's . Big smooches for Panda.

Mr. Paaaaaandaaaaa. Where are you?

                                                        There he is. Hey... Mr. Panda. over here.
                                                       It's your buddy, Kai.  Waaaas uuuup??

Oh, I just love Mr. Panda. It's like my Pandy Pandy, only bigger. and fluffier.  I wonder if Baba will let me to have one of my very very own. 

                                              Who? Me and Panda?  Yeah, We go way back.

This way please.  

She really does know her way around, doesn't she? 
She can lead us wherever she wants as long as I don't lose my primo stroller spot. 
This. is. the life. 

While we waited for the bus sweet little Sophie Lu shared some treasures she found with Kai. 

                                                           He thought that was pretty cool...

...until he realized they were just leaves. 
And he couldn't eat them. 
He may or may not have given her a little attitude after that. 

                                                    We will take your treasures, Sophie Lu. :)

                                                   The kiddos ended the day with noodle time.
        We also had some dinner. Making good food choices, of course. Setting a good example for the kids.
                                                            (Do as we say, not as we do)

Next day we spent a little bit of time at Shamian Island. We got to shop around a little and then have dinner at the famous Lucy's.  The Island is so much quieter than I remember it from last time we were here.

                                               Uuuuuuum, excuse me. What's that you got there?

Seriously? Am I the only one who sees the injustice here?

                                            Over here.  I would like to lodge an official complaint!!

                                                    Maybe if I distract him, I can snatch it.
                                               Kai, over there.  Isn't that your buddy, Mr. Panda?

     Nice try, Soph. You snooze you lose. Nice lady at the store gave me this lollipop to keep my from throwing a tantrum while you , mama and grandma shopped.  Next time, play the tantrum card... seems to work with these peeps on the Island. Not so much with grandma and mama... but here, we are golden.

                                         Hmmmm.. I think I may have underestimated you, brother.

Kai completely stuffed and ready to call it a night. 

Sophie still going strong... entertaining us with more of her tricks. 
Look Ma,  made my noodles disappear.   
and, do you like my Party Hat?

Oath Day Tomorrow. :)


Medical Day and Shopping Day

We started out the morning going for our Visa Medical. It was a NUTHOUSE. So many families. And a lot of non adoptive families, too.   So AWESOME to see so many little ones going home with forever families. 

God is good. 

Kai thought they could have streamlined the process a bit. Or at the very least offered some snackage. Some meat crackers perhaps?

Sophie decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew I had a secret Lolipop stash. 
Hand it over, mama. We are on to you. 
I mean please. And thank you. 

That perked little big guy up.
Me too, please. 

            If you are keeping count of our lollipop consumption, be a friend and keep it to your self, will ya?
                                   A secret, just between us.  No need to tell Dr. Schneider, DDS.
                                                                   I thank you in advance.

  Kai checking out the line to see if it is our turn next. I think he thought he was in line to win a big prize. Uuuuuum, not exactly Big Guy.

                                                         And not even close to your turn yet.

Finally, ALL DONE!  Everyone passed their medical.  Here is a picture of Kai after he figured out there would be NO prize.  He is giving me the "Dude. You couldn't have given me a heads up" look.
                                                                      Sorry, buddy.

   We ended our time at the medical center with this little funny. God does have a sense of humor.  Zoom in on the girl in the gray sweatshirt, and read what it says. I am taking this as we have been given the "all clear" in regards to unlimited lollipop consumption.   I read ya loud and clear. And I thank you.

 We headed back to the hotel for some down time. Sophie thought she would entertain us with more funny faces. In this photo she has chosen to go with her "puffy cheek, I just drank water and I'm going to pretend I am going to spit it out on you" face. We laugh every time. She has only spit out at us one time. We probably should stop laughing. I'm thinkin' we are pushing it.
(As I am typing this, Sophie came up to the computer to kiss her picture... then she did the face again. I laughed. Obviously, I need to work on my will power with her. But it's SO STINKIN' cute!!!)

 Sophie made a new friend here in Guangzhou, Pandy Bear. She would also like me to share with you that this is her Pandy Bear. Not yours. HERS.  I promised her I would tell you. So now you have been told.
She loves Pandy. 
The end. 


Sophie took some time to check her stocks on the world wide web. She was very intent, but smiling, so we can only assume she is pleased with her investments. 

We ended the night with a little fried rice in the room.SO long that this mama's heart has waited to see these two side by side.
                                                                My heart is smiling SO BIG!
                                                                          PRAISE GOD!!!

The next day we had plans after breakfast to head to a local mall to do some shopping. I think Sophie tried a few cute poses out on us before we left, to butter us up and charm us into buying her a few things later. Looking back on it, I am certain that's what was going on. 

 Kai wasn't sure what she was doing, but he knew she was getting a lot of attention, so he thought he would give it a go.

At the mall Sophie Lu found many many pieces of Jewelry she thought would be PEEEERFEEEECT for her.  Like this one. And that one. And those. And these. And that one. And this one.

What'chu mean, No? Do you not remember the poses back at the hotel. The pretty pink rose? The sweet little face? Nothing...?

                         Kai thinks Sophie is crazy funny. Doesn't that smile just melt your heart?

Let me take a different approach here. Hey, BABA!  Don't you think your sweet little princess Sophie Lu would look just Divine in some of these jewels??  Pretty Please?

What's that you say, Baba? You are whispering very softly so no one but me can hear? You want me to tell Mama to get anything my heart desires. I will tell her. Thank you, Baba. I love you. Goodbye. 
"Mama... Baba says we are good to go. Anything I want. You don't need to call him or text.We already spoke . Trust me." 

Listen Kai, we have GOT to stick together on this. If you don't out me on the fake BABA call, I will give you 15% of the lollipops that come my way. 
You drive a hard bargain.

Hmmm. Think she was on to me about the fake Baba call. Gonna have to get a bit more crafty. This lady is goooood. 
I know. 
Hey,  Mrs. H's class?  You think my big brother Matthew, and all of you could write an email to my mom, telling her just how beautiful I would look in all those jewels? And that you think I should have as many as I want. 
Because I don't have plans to make it back to China in the near future. So it only makes sense to load up now. Really. Don't you agree? I thought so. 


ps. I will be your best friend. :)
Xie Xie. 
(That's thank you in Chinese, pronounced shey shey)

After the mall we came home and took a snack break.  Kai found a very "special" snack in my backpack that I had overlooked. Needless to say, he was thrilled. Me, not so much. I will give you a hint, rhymes with Neat Prackers. That is all I care to say about that. Thank you for understanding.

He wanted to give me a big HIGH FIVE. Somehow I got credit for the "find." 
If only he knew. 


After his snack, Kai thought it might be a good time for a little DVD action. 

Sophie didn't have time for DVD's as she had to make a few calls. Does anyone know if Baby Phone gets service in China? I am afraid she may have been on the phone with Amazon.com/china. 

You think I need to be concerned?

On that note, I think I need to hop off and see what they are up to. 
Dynamic Duo. 

Lots of hugs to you!